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Q. What is Flouride?

A: Fluoride is widely recognized as a highly effective method in prevention of tooth decay. It is used to harden the enamel of growing teeth and helps prevent decay on the smooth surface of the tooth. Fluoride provides its maximum benefit to teeth during enamal formation which is essentially completed by the age of twelve. Fluoride can be provided through a number of ways. The best and least costly is to add fluoride to public drinking water. If well water is used, a fluoride supplement, which can be obtained from a pharmacy, is necessary. It is best if a supplement is started at the age of 6 months and taken until the child is about 12 years when the growing of the tooth enamel is complete. There are other methods of supplying fluoride. Topical applications during routine dental exam and cleaning provide teeth with a concentrated dose of fluoride. It is recommended that these applications of fluoride be done at all routine exams. Commercially prepared mouth rinses and toothpastes also supply fluoride which gives additional protection to the smooth surfaces of the teeth.