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Q: What do I need to know about sports mouthguards?

A: With so many children participating in sports, the chance of having a dental injury is a real possibility. In sports like football, where mouthguards are required, the injuries involving teeth are low. Yet, in sports like basketball or baseball, where mouthguards are not worn, the dental injury level increases dramatically. The cost of a mouthguard, even a custom made mouthguard is inexpensive in comparison to the cost of the dental treatment cost which can frequently approach thousands of dollars.

There are two types of mouthguards available: Boil & Bite, which can be found in most sporting good stores and custom made mouthguards, which are fabricated by the dentist. The advantage of the Boil & Bite is cost. Its disadvantages are that they do not fit as accurately as custom made ones, can be uncomfortable, and frequently interfere with speaking & breathing. There is a dramatic difference in thickness with the Boil & Bite compared to a custom made mouthguard. This can give a false sense of security. Whatever type of mouthguard is chosen, mouthguards should be considered an essential part of an individual's sport equipment.