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Tuesday, May 11, 2010 7:52 AM

Doctor Frazer and Staff,

When the thought of an Angel enters my mind, I think of a young lady with a lacy robe, cotton like wings, beautiful white teeth, endless smile and a halo - floating around in the clouds helping people, allover the world. I have never met an Angel, at least not until yesterday where I met several. Funny thing is they seem to congregate at the Dunkirk Dental Group, specifically in Suite 202 in the Howlin Building. A week ago today, I felt a sharp, piercing pain in my mouth - my wife thought it was my foot, but to her surprise it was not - it was a nerve. I toughed it out all week until it was unbearable. Calling "Sandy" changed my entire attitude. Your Staff, Doctor Frazer, is nothing short of AMAZING, but I'm sure you know that already. Not only was I accommodated - I received a zero hassle welcome. Now for the service - Doctor Frazer you certainly have been given a wonderful and productive Spiritual GIFT, a gift to heal. I'm still amazed at how I was treated and how I feel today. I know that my "unexpected emergency" was inconvenient to you, but I never felt that way. I felt as though I was the only patient you had all day - very special. You took your time on my dental problem, never letting me know or feel that you were more than likely stressed, at having to do this procedure on such short notice. I'm pretty sure a root canal is not an easy procedure, although you made it look that way. Doctor Frazer and Staff, Thank you so much, for relieving my pain, discomfort and making me well. You have no idea how satisfied I am with the service of your Practice. May God continue to bless His Angels!

Sincerely, Bill William Aumand

Director of Procurement U.S. Department of Labor Office Of Inspector General 200 Constitution Ave., N.W. Room S-5506
Washington, DC 20210ent: Tuesday, May 05, 2009 11:18 AM
Subject: New teeth

Hi Sandy,
Dr. Mark did a Fantastic Job !!!!
My new bottom teeth feel wonderful, I wish we fixed them long, long ago.
I never thought there would be such a HUGE  difference.

Have a Great Day,